New task for Philippines Web Design: We need a PDF template created according to customer specification. Details of the specification for the graphics and details to create this project must be asked for from the client. Engage the client within the Philippines Web Design NOTES area and they will then respond to your needs to fulfill the order.

Response to Philippines Web Design: The proofs are very well done…but very wrong.

I had entered a complete set of notes on Philippines Web Design, which has been deleted. I said that I would provide an overview of the project in detail in order to keep everyone on the same page. As I am away at my daughters wedding the overview is being attended to in between family functions. The overview will be completed by the beginning of next week. I am glad to see that you are serious about timeframes. Let me reiterate the information that was lost:

All of the links to reference pages were deleted and will be included in the overview. The Thermography brochure is the first in a series of Integrative Medicine (IM) brochures. These brochures will be used as bonuses in Lead Generation systems that will be subscription based. The Topic of the brochure, in this case Thermography, is the main focus, not the publisher. The publisher will be Integrative Medical Practitioners, which already has completed some projects to brand Integrative Medicine by promoting information on various therapies. see ,!/pages/Integrative-Medical-Practitioners/111040555573087?ref=ts ,

The notes that were deleted at Philippines Web Design

Stated that the information on (CHA) written by Robban A Sica, MD could be used extensively. Dr. Sica is an excellent writer and has been practicing IM for over 28 years. As my wife, and first subscriber, she will be able to provide a vast amount of insight into the medical side of the topics to be covered as we develop this vein. (the CHA site is on a directory that needs to be replaced. This directory was my initial test of creating Social Media for business in 2002.) Anything in the CHA mini-site is useable.

Additional notes to Philippines Web Design

IMS is the company that provides the medical interpretation of the images. They were also to provide marketing, which has been lackluster. There are 3 other major Thermography support companies whose services are disappointing.

Philippines Web Design created some good concepts in the IMS information, especially in the BooBauble pamphlet. The best screening tool is one that can catch a potential tumor earliest with the least amount of harm. The fact that Digital Thermal Imaging can detect tissue irregularities years earlier than any other method, without discomfort or radiation is important.

The concepts that IMS shows are important, but since many of their patrons are strong prospects for Lead Generation we need to make sure that there is no way that they can feel that their intellectual material was copied.

Philippines Web Design will have the completed overview to you by the week of 6/7.

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