Philippines Web DesignThis is the critical project I spoke to the owner of Philippines Web Design.

Philippines Web Design will provide me three of these blog themes that all look different but accomplish the same goals. I will need them to be very professional and finished by Monday evening at 9 pm, Central Standard Time (Dec 6, 2010).

I have attached one blog template model (that needs a lot of work), but the basic design structure should stay 75% like it is. Please read all the Philippines Web Design notes I placed on the mockup. I’m also including a few photos that I want you to use on the other headers. I’m hoping Philippines Web Design can send me at least 5 to 6 examples so that I can select 3 of these for the project. I’m also going to post this project in the Philippines Web Design contact form.

Let me know if  Philippines Web Design have any questions.

On the photo with the woman in a yellow blouse and dark hair… can extend the background across the header by finding a graphic that matches that background or coping the one that is there so that it extends across the header.

Philippines Web Design Notes

These are the same iStock mockup photos I sent you directly. You need to go to the iStock site and look under LIGHTBOX and download the originals that match these mock ups. Once you get the blog templates finished for review you can load them here.

All of these photos are at iStockPhoto on my account. Most of the photo for Philippines Web Design have attached are in the LIGHTBOX titled Insurance.

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