Philippines Web DesignPlease take the graphics I’ve attached on Philippines Web Design email form and use this as a model for a new header redesign for ManagePro.

As you can see the client has taken examples and merged them together to illustrate exactly what he wants Philippines Web Design to design.

The Best of Philippines Web Design Ability

Please recreate the model you see here to the best of Philippines Web Design ability and do everything from scratch and do not use any of these model graphics in previous Philippines Web Design projects (just graphics like them that you create).

Philippines Web Design Graphics

The one graphic design you do not have is the screen shot of the software in the center. The client will place this on your final graphics version himself so just use the size dimensions you see in the mockup as your guide. Philippines Web Design needs to go to ManagePro site to look at their current color scheme. The client would like to retain the blue color with the white background on this header. Also, all the icons for people (in the circles) should be colors that match the site.

Philippines Web Design Graphic Element

Each graphic element should be kept in a layered format so that the client can make changes on his end once he gets your first version from Philippines Web Design. Go ahead and send two versions. One flattened and one with layers as a PSD that can be edited. Recreated everything, even the globe, circles, etc. from scratch. The size of the header is located at the bottom of the image just in case you missed it.

The client has indicated what kind of images he wants above the globe in text so this should be easy to figure out. Philippines Web Design should do best to put the header title and other sentences in place so that they fit and look natural to the rest of the header.

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