Here is what the client stated he wanted Philippines web design help on and next we need to figure out what is needed on the rest of the right side WordPress header.

As Philippines web design said

mouse_sourisAn opt-in form along with a graphical representation of the free report the visitor will receive when they opt-in to their website.

Next we need some fairly prominent social media share buttons to be available in each blog post area, as this web design will rely heavily on the ‘community’ of readers to spread. This site has some pretty cool custom coding for social media sharing like click on a blog post title and see how the like and share buttons come up but defer to what Philippines web desig says.

Social Media Widgets Like Philippines Web Design Website

We need share buttons for social media as well as facebook like and retweet badges (these are widgets) as seen on

Philippines Web Design Wants

We may or may not want to get the web design forum installed. (It will eventually be a big part of this. I just don’t know whether to install at beginning or after we have some readership) Again, ask Philippines web design for guidance here. It would be good to have the forum installed from the start so that the new opt-in can also be given access to the forum as well. The forum could also be used as a bribe to get people to opt-in on Philippines web design website.

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