Q- Web Designer and Developer: What was your last job? Can you please tell me about the specific responsibilities you had?

My last job was Web Designer and Developer.

The specific responsibilities we had were:

-Coordinating with art directors in conceptualizing and designing exceedingly effective and good
quality artworks for presentation to clients
-Personalizing unique branding identities, web interfaces, print ads and other concepts
-Establishing new corporate branding as well as marketing materials for those seeking repositioning
-Designing and generating different extremely innovative user interfaces for WordPress, landing
pages, micro sites, and online communities
-Executing the making of mockups and wireframes from company’s spec into notably remarkable web pages
-Managing the setting up of database for content management system mainly utilizing WordPress

Q – What sort of a company was it? How large? Did you work remotely or in an office?

It was an advertising company in need of  Web Designer and Developer.

It was large considering that it had branches across the South-east Asian region and it was only one from among the 6 group of companies. We worked remotely after having been working in an office for 1 year.

Q- Describe the work environment or culture in which you guys are most productive and happy.

We are most productive and happy working in an environment that is inside our house/office and doesn’t need for us to go to downtown. Being near to our families will help us balance our work and personal life.

Q- What is the biggest thing that you learned in 2013 that impacted your career?
The biggest thing that we learned in 2013 that impacted our career was that one has to keep updated in response to the demands of the market as a  Web Designer and Developer.

Q- Can you please list your top 3 skill sets as a  Web Designer and Developer?

Our top 3 skill sets are creative thinking, web design and web development.

Q- When will you be available to start working if offered a job as a Web Designer and Developer project?
If offered a job as a Web Designer and Developer project, we can start working right away.

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