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On account of some circumstances, Philippines Web Design is tendering the resignation as a WordPress Theme Designer and Supplier at Monster Templates effective today. The place that we are staying now has a threat of flood so we decided to find a dwelling near my mother’s locality. This relocation necessitates me, my staff and my family enough time for the transfer of our belongings.

Philippines Web Design in Singapore

We would transfer by tomorrow or the next day taking into consideration that heavy rainfall was forecasted during last month until these first three months of the year. And after my whole family and staff could finally settle there, I will be leaving for Singapore and try to set up my own office for greener pasture.

Philippines Web Design Responsibilities

Philippines Web Design willing to be of help with the turnover of my duties and responsibilities before leaving. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to your company. I wish the company success in the years to come.

I’m so sorry and thank you for everything.

Clients Note:

Don’t forget to set up the Green Joint Venture branded Facebook and Twitter sites using their current graphics. I will contact Ronald to get you the login to both sites and have them sent to you.

Best Wishes,
Clenn Sunico
Founder, Web Designer, Web Developer
Philippines Web Design

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