FacebookPhilippines web design post here the site mockup you have already developed for the new social media blog. Then, please develop another mockup site for social media blog that uses our current website theme as a model.

Philippines web design experiment

Philippines web design must experiment with creating a new logo symbol for Social Media Blog that is more like what you did for our newly launched website. Also, I like the site to have the same menu structure that is on Philippines web design (at the top). Once you get the web design mockup finished I will give you the menu topics, etc.

Philippines web design re designing task

In the meantime Philippines web design can use some of the menu titles on our current web site. Keep the same portfolio design button that you have on the website. Right below the header there will be 5 sections: Local themes, local listings, Seo, local web design and local wordpress themes. Each of these sections will have links to the web sites associated with each section. Soon you will be creating sites for social network and social media.

Hostgator and Philippines web design

Hostgator will let Philippines web design know when they has set up this domain and the site attached to it on our server. The client wants you to keep the same colors and the same look and feel of the existing website while trying to make it better and very nice web design. This is a six page WordPress site with an opt-in form to the left, below the header design. All of the wording in the existing site should be kept the same… although we new and stronger fonts.

Keep all the existing menu topics from the existing web site and transfer all the content over as well. Eventually he wants to set up an ecommerce section on the site, but with this will come later. There are some WP Plugins that do this… so research what works best. It must tie into PayPal. Send over the web design mockups when you get them.

Let me know if Philippines web design have any questions.

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