esoftWeb design and development for Faxgine

Web design and development for Faxgine, is the latest project. Faxgine is a software that works like fax machine where you can send fax messages through the internet. It works very easy like a simple email and it has 99% accuracy that it will go to the right person.

The idea of this web design and development for Faxgine is to look more user-friendly with the color combination of blue, red and white as we believe it is their corporate identity just how their logo design look like.

This company is based in Singapore but the web design and development was made here in Philippines Web Design. This website is responsive that will work on any platforms like tablets and smartphones. We carefully designed the template to match very well in WordPress theme with standard CSS, Jquery and the right plugin. This WordPress theme purposely developed with e-commerce flexibility where you can install all the e-commerce plugins with no hassle or conflict.

Web design and development positioning

The target market are companies from all over the world for this software works in all who has internet connection. The direction would be user-friendly that everyone can easily understand what this software can do not only in Singapore and Philippines but in the global market.

Web design and development for Faxgine

Faxgine website will be launched hopefully at the end of November and this would be the largest site we designed and developed for this year 2013.

We only charge our clients a very reasonable price and they cannot believe for this kind of web design and development. They only pay us a quarter of what they normally pay on other web design and development companies in the Philippines or any part of the world.

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