Philippines web design get this question all the time. Even when I think this is now common knowledge I’m surprised by how often the question is asked. Since the answer can mean life or death to an online business let Philippines web design take time to give a quick reply here.

Philippines web design says that…

First, the ENTIRE online world (or should I say that part of the online world that is alive, communicating, relating and on the cutting edge [don’t you hate that phrase sometimes?]) is now INTERACTIVE. Blogs are the MAIN vehicle for this interactivity. They allow you to exchange ideas, and to share anything and everything that matters to you. Static web sites, by Philippines web design opinion, are good only for building large data driven authority sites with huge themed keyword silos to help organize relevant content. And even if this is the goal attaching a Blog is still mandatory.

2. Philippines web design is certain that blogs are much more technology driven. They are spidered by the search engines more quickly and more often. They can incorporate RSS feeds, Social Media Widgets, Video content, Pod Casts and other such interactive and high tech expressions.

3. Lastly (for Philippines web design, this is was a quickie and not meant to be exhaustive…or I’d be here for hours), blogs allow you to engage in targeted marketing better than any tool I know of. In the olden days there were very few places for public, authoritive expression: The pulpit, the newspaper, the town crier, the classroom, etc. Blogs give anyone the platform to express their heart, mind and soul.

OK, enough ranting about blogs. Philippines web design hope this was helpful (as far as it went).

Philippines web design did not touch on the fact that you can make money with a blog faster than any other medium (other than perhaps PPC marketing).

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