wordpress-logo-squarePhilippines Web Design WordPress project: Please set up a separate blog attached to our current site like this: Outsoure Automation Pro/pre-launch. This WordPress  blog will have a much smaller header with the same graphics you used on the original site. The header will say: Outsource Automation Pro at the top and underneath this it will say (in smaller fonts): The Ultimate Outsource Management Software & Training System.

Philippines Web Design Must Do The Following:

Underneath the header there will be three video boxes numbered Video 1, Video 2 and Video 3. When you click on the videos they will load into a larger video, similar to how the LWS videos load. Philippines Web Design will put  an optin form built into this page and people will have to opt in before they can watch the videos. Keep in mind that these viewers will be returning for the second and third video once they are released.

I’m wondering if Philippines Web Design should put a password login or can you set this up so that the system will remember the people who have already opted in when they comeback to view the second and third video? I will leave these questions for you to figure out but feel free to consult both Philippines Web Design developer if you need help.

Philippines Web Design Forms and optin

Philippines Web Design should put optin form will include name, email and mobile phone (which is optional). Once a video is setup on the site for viewing it needs to be available for ongoing viewing if people want to come back to view it again. We will begin to work on the videos this week but we need to have  Philippines Web Design to get the site ready.

Let Philippines Web Design know if you have questions.

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