Philippines Web DesignCreate a site for the Outsource Automation Pro sales letter and video and use some of the kinds of graphics you used for the Philippines web design icons.

Philippines Web Design Foundation for Graphics Website

Find a unique object that is totally unique and not used by anyone else and use this as the foundation for graphics website.

Make the website look similar to how you design the Philippines Web Design WordPress Templates. Something like that, where you enlarge the logo graphic and them put the header fonts on top, something like that WordPress themes would look cool.

Philippines Web Design Look and Feel

Now that I look at the Filipino Web Design projects they look too much like old style Philippines Web Design Marketing templates and I actually dont’ like them. But you can learn a lot there about how many graphic sections they create, like ebooks, DVDs, Cards, Stacks of papers, Header, Footer, etc. We will need all that eventually.

Philippines Web Design Optin Form and Video Creation

But for now, start on the main site header and leave room for opt in form and video. In general the site should look more web 2 creation like Philippines web design site.

You can begin to design on the sales page template any time you wish, as we will need it soon.

Philippines Web Design Web Blogs

The WordPress task  has described here involves three separate web blogs that are set up under three unique domain names, as stated. We will be adding content to each website as a way to get traffic to these sites.

Each site needs an opt in form, video placeholder, and a cool custom designed header. I will give Philippines Web Design more details on WordPress theme design after the sales letter is finished.

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